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Our Prices are very Affordable without Compromising Quality and Nutrition.

Cakes Price
6 inch Cake N4000
8 inch Cake N6000
10 inch Cake N8500
11 inch Cake N10000
12 inch Cake N11500
14 inch Cake N13000
3-Tier Wedding Cake (6, 8 & 12 Inches) N47000
Cupcakes (with sprinkles/wafers/biscuits/chocolates/nuts)/dozen N4000
Appetizers Price
Small Chops/Plate N500
Small Chops with Shrimps/Fish in Batter /Plate N700
Drinks Price
Chapman from 100 servings/cup N150
Sunset, Pinacolada, Ginger Beer, Summer Punch, Sangria,
Minty Fruit, Lemonade, Chocolate Milkshake etc, from 100 servings/cup
Bowl of Soup (2½ Ltrs) Price
Bowl of Soup with Chicken N4000
Bowl of Soup with Turkey N4500
Bowl of Soup with Meat N4500
Bowl of Soup with Brokotor N5000
Bowl of Soup with Brokotor and Intestine N6500
Bowl of Soup- Ero Riro N4500
Bowl of Soup- Ero Elegusi N5000
Bowl of Soup- Okro N2800
Bowl of Soup- Ogbono N3000
Fish Soup N4000